Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mathematical Expeditions 1

This is part of an expedition throught the history of word problems. It is adapted from the book Mathematical Expeditions by Frank J. Swetz.

Ancient Caracters
This is a word problem from old India related to love and fractions. Do you dare solving it?

The third part of a necklace of pearls, broken in a lover's quarrel, fell to the ground; its fifth part rested on the couch; the sixth part was saved by the lady; and the tenth part was taken by her lover. Six pearls remained. How many pearls composed the necklace?

Explain the procces and the answer using comments. Write your name and course.


  1. Nerea García Bernal 1º ESO E

    1/3 in the ground }
    1/5 in the couch } they are 24/30
    1/6 lady }
    1/10 lover }
    6 pearls in the neck --------------- 6/30
    1/3 + 1/5 + 1/6 + 1/10 = 10/30 + 6/30 + 5/30 + 3/30 = 24/30
    24/30 + 6/30= 30/30
    S:there are 30 pearls.

  2. Sumamos todas las fracciones de collar que tenemos:
    en total tenemos 4/5 del collar.

    Las 6 perlas que quedan se corresponden con el resto sel collar,es decir,
    son 1/5 del collar.
    Solución: en total habrá 6x5=30 perlas.

  3. 1/3x1/5+1/6+1/10=10/30x6/30+5/30+3/30=0.333333333
    Jose Manuel Requna Ruiz 1ºE

  4. Congratulations for Nerea and Agustín who have found the right answer for the word problem.